petition to have That’s So Raven added to Netflix 

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a shocking but not unwelcome twist

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compliment the person you reblog this from in the tags

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Nanase Haruka | Free Eternal Summer Episode 3
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Gurren Lagann means a whole lot to me because the basic premise of Kamina’s catchphrase is:

"Wow, you don’t believe in yourself? I’m not going to tell you that you’re wrong for feeling that way, but I believe in you. If you believe in me, too, we can support each other where we need it the most. And maybe someday you’ll see in yourself what I see in you."

And thinking about that makes me tear up, not gonna lie.

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when u think yr drawing looks great but then u flip the canvas



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Golf ball hitting steel at 150mph, recorded at 70 000fps

physics is so fucked up

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Tumblr rule #1: always reblog the creator

god hes so cute.

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Free! Eternal Summer Outfits → Tachibana Makoto

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I was tagged by thetangles (Thanks so much I’ve been wanting to do this tag!)

rules: Find out which characters share the same personality type as you here and list the characters that you find relevant below. Then tag five friends and let them know you tagged them! or not.

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» Myers Briggs In 3 Words


INFJ: Anxious, empathetic, paradoxical
ESTP: Spontaneous, charming, logical
INTJ: Anxious, calculated, intrinsic
ESFP: Spontaneous, colorful, friendly
INFP: Intrinsic, intense, quirky
ESTJ: Efficient, determined, traditional
INTP: Ingenious, knowledgable, quirky
ESFJ: Empathetic, dedicated, traditional
ISFJ: Traditional, empathetic, grounded
ENTP: Ingenious, innovative, charming
ISTJ: Traditional, logical, reserved
ENFP: Quirky, gentle, friendly
ISFP: Intrinsic, tasteful, grounded
ENTJ: Efficient, calculated, driven
ISTP: Independent, physical, logical
ENFJ: Empathetic, passionate, driven

Acknowledgments go to my super official colleague deadlyliv

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stingray omg

Looks so peaceful


thats what I could do everyday

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So I dyed my cats pink with leftover beet water. No regrets! <3 :D
I had to wash them because of some oil spill they had gotten into, and chose to use the beet water, which is perfectly safe. I had no idea it would really make them this pink.

I bet this poor person has gotten plenty of hate filled messages from people that didn’t read the caption and think she used real hair dye.


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